Most Recommended Google SEO Guidelines


We can say Google is the God of internet. All the bloggers are struggling to improve SEO and to have more numbers of visitors. Improving SEO can gives you a lots of business as well as lots of money in your pocket.

But how to become the best in internet marketing and what are the Google SEO Guidelines to have your article on the first page of GOOGLE? There are some good plugins available there which will help you to trace the article and tell you what are the required things you having in your post. WordPress Plugin for SEO by Yoast is very good plugin which gives very good on page SEO.

Here are some most recommended Google SEO Guidelines which can helps you to become better blogger

1. Keywords in post Title

The most recommended tips from Google that your title of the post must be creative and unique having keywords in it. because post having no keywords in it sucks fastly.

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2. Post Title Length to 70 character

Google index only first 70 character of your blog post title. So don’t write too lengthy title of your post.

3. Keywords in Post Permalinks

Post Permalinks must have your primary keyword in it. Permalinks helps you a lot to comes on the first page of Google. If you are thinking to write different Permalinks from the post title then keep in mind to put the main keyword in it.

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4. Meta Description less than 160 characters.

Again index only first 160 character of your post’s meta description. So write it in a so beautiful way that you can explain everything in just 160 characters so Google will love it. ?

5. H1, H2, H3 tags in your Article

Your post title automatically have H1 tag so no need to worry about this but your post must have H2 and H3 tags in it. Because Google dig through your post and see what is the quality of your content. And these tags will help you to improve the quality.

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6. Total words in Content more than 300

The number of word in your post gives the more information to your visitors, so try to write good content with proper explanation. More number of word means the more interest the visitor will take to read your article.

7. Content contains keyword in the first and last 50-100 words

The keyword must be there in the first 50-100 and last 50-100 word of your post.

8. Content Containing Bold and italicized Keywords

bold and italicized word gives your reader the clear impression that which are the headlines and which the content for the explanation.

Implement all these Google SEO Guidelines recommended by Google and enjoy better blogging.